Establishing, Relocating, or Closing an ERC


11.1 Requesting an ERC

The Area Presidency and the MFO submit a request for a new ERC to the ERS director. The requested ERC should fit specific qualifications (see section 11.2, “Qualifications for a New ERC”).

If the proposed ERC fits the qualifications, the Questions to Consider form and the Request for Welfare Operations form must be completed. The request form is signed by the Area Presidency or area supervisor. For a good example of a completed request form, see the Memphis example.

After area authorities and ERS headquarters work together to approve and fund the ERC, all information is gathered according to the Checklist of Items Needed for New or Relocated ERC and sent to ERS headquarters.

Sometimes opening a new ERC is not necessary or possible. In these cases, there may be warrant for stake employment operations. Refer to section 5.4, “Stake Employment Operations,” for more information.

Although the guidelines for establishing a PERC or VERC are desirable, specific areas may not be able to accommodate all the precepts given. Special cases will be determined by the Welfare Executive Committee.


11.2 Qualifications for a New ERC

See also the Request for Welfare Operations form.

General Welfare Guidelines

  • Local stake, mission, or district presidents have expressed a need and have recommended the establishment of an ERC.
  • Local stake, mission, or district presidents are committed to support an ERC with adequate volunteer staffing (see section 5.5, “Recruiting Missionaries and Volunteers.”)
  • Established welfare operations are adhering to operating guidelines, including functioning agent stake operating committees.
  • Ward or branch and stake or district welfare committees are trained and functioning.
  • The coordinating council has evaluated the need and concurs with the recommendation.
  • A member of the Presidency of the Seventy or the Area Presidency concurs with the coordinating council’s recommendation.

Specific ERS Guidelines

  • Professional Centers
    • Minimum five stakes within a reasonable distance (approximately 50-mile [80-km]radius).
    • Reasonable expectation of at least 800 member placements or enrollments per full-time employee per year.
  • Volunteer Centers
    • Minimum of one stake or district.
    • Reasonable expectation of at least 200 member placements or enrollments per full-time employee per year.

Other Considerations

  • In principle, for ERCs to be successful, they need to be accessible to members and employers.
  • When the above principle is met, the priority for location should be to colocate with existing Church facilities, especially Church service centers and CES institute buildings.
  • If Church facilities are not appropriate or available, leasing commercial space should then be considered.
  • The unemployment, underemployment, and unskilled conditions of members warrant assistance from an ERC.

11.3 Standard ERC Equipment

To provide services to bishops and church leaders, candidates, employers and other resources, certain equipment is necessary. The following is a list of approved equipment for ERCs:

  • Computer projector
  • Projector screen
  • Office telephones
  • Multi-function printer/copier/fax/scanner
  • Second printer for wireless system (PERCs and VERCs that qualify for wireless)
  • TV/DVD player
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Hub & Internet filtering device (Wired or wireless router)
  • Computers as per computer policy
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • High speed internet modem (supplied by ISP)
  • Laptop docking station, keyboard, monitor, and mouse for each employee
  • Smart cell phone for each employee (cell phones are not issued to missionaries or volunteers serving in ERCs. Cell phones are considered living expenses and are to be paid for by the full-time or church-service missionaries)
  • Automobile as per policy guidelines
  • Office furniture as approved by headquarters

11.4 Relocating an ERC

The MFO can choose to relocate an ERC anywhere within the area that meets the guidelines (see section 11.2, “Qualifications for a New ERC”). The AWM completes the Checklist of Items Needed for New or Relocated ERC and submits it to the MFO.

11.5 Closing an ERC

With the approval of the Area Presidency, a MFO may request the closure of an ERC. The closing is approved by the Welfare Executive Committee. The area budget is then reduced by the amount of the closed ERC budget.