ERS Terminology List

23.1 ERS List of Terms

Below are some of the most common terms and abbreviations used in Employment Resource Services.



A – C

AJS                     Accelerated Job Search

ASOC                 Agent Stake Operating Committee

                          See section 7, "Serving on the Agent

                          Stake Operating Committee"

AWM                  Area Welfare Manager

                          See Area Welfare Manager


BAS                    Bishop's Authorization for Services

                         See 6.3, "Bishop's Authorization for


CAP                   Career Assessment and Plan

                          See form

CDOL               Church Directory of Organizations and


                        CDOL Log-in

CV                    Curriculum Vitae

CWS                  The Career Workshop

                         See 2.7, "The Career Workshop"

E – H

ERC                       Employment Resource Center

ERS                       LDS Employment Resource Services

FM Group              Facilities Management Group

                             See 18.3, "Replacement and


I – N

IROP                     Internal Record of Purchase

                             See 19.3, "Order through Church


MFO                     Manager of Field Operations


MLS                      Member and Leadership Services


P – R

PEF                       Perpetual Education Fund

PPP                       Professional Placement Program

R&I                       Replacement and Improvement

                            See 18.3, "Replacement and



S – Z

SEWS                     Self-Employment Workshop

                             See 2.8, "The Self-Employment


WEL                       Welfare Services