Employment Resource Services



Congratulations on your opportunity to serve in an LDS Employment Resource Center! Whether you are an employee, missionary, volunteer, or member of an agent stake operating committee, the following information will introduce you to your basic responsibilities.


LDS Employment Resource Services consults with Priesthood leaders; develops employment, education and self-employment resources; and coaches members to achieve self-reliance.

Key Activities

To accomplish the purpose stated above, employment resource center staff members perform the following key activities:

  • Consult with Priesthood Leaders served by the center to learn of the needs in their units and provide them with information on the center’s services.

  • Develop employment, education and self-employment resources in the local community.

  • Coach members to achieve self-reliance through mentoring and individualized service.

  • Work with candidates and their leaders to identify the candidates’ needs, interests, and career goals and formulate a plan for achieving those goals.

  • Gather resources and leads that can help candidates with job placement, career development, and small business management.

  • Cultivate relationships with employers, schools, lenders, and other organizations that can offer jobs or opportunities for career or business development.

  • Guide candidates to resources that will help them achieve their goalsThese may include:

  • Employment center resources.

  • Educational resources.

  • Other community resources.

  • Help candidates improve basic job search skills such as résumé writing, interviewing, networking, and salary negotiation.

  • Regularly follow up with candidates and their leaders and keep track of candidates’ progress.

  • Organize and facilitate career workshops, self-employment workshops, and networking groups.

Key Measures

The following are key measures established by the Presiding Bishopric to determine the effectiveness ofeach employment resource center:

  • The number of members placed in jobs or self-employment.

  • The number of members enrolled in vocationaleducational, and self-employment training programs.

  • The percentage of active job seekers that are placed within three months of visiting the employment resource center or enrolling on the LDSJobs website.

  • The status of members’ employment six months after placement.

  • The number of job postings per member seeking employment.


Agent Stake Operating Committee

Each employment resource center operates under the direction of an agent stake operating committee chaired by the agent stake president. The employment resource center manager serves on this committee. Other members of the committee are the chairman of the stake bishops’ welfare councilthe stake Relief Society president, and other specialists as needed—such as the stake employment specialist.

The agent stake operating committee should meet regularly (preferably quarterly) to provide priesthood guidance and support to the center.

The committee is responsible to:

  • Consult with leaders from the area and from other stakes to plan center goals and initiatives that will address the employment-related needs and priorities of local leaders and members.

  • Ensure that the employment resource center provides quality service which meets theseneeds.

  • Arrange for Church-service missionaries and volunteers to serve in the center.

  • Offer training on the center’s services to new stake and ward leaders.

  • Represent the center in coordinating council meetings.

Area Temporal Affairs Leaders

Directors for Temporal Affairs and Area Welfare Managers are Church employees who oversee the operation of employment resource centers in their areas and supervise the professional center managers.

Professional Center Managers

Professional Center Managers are paid managers who oversee the services provided in a Professional center. Many of these professional managers are also supported by associate managers, account representatives and development specialists. These are all Church employees.

Professional center managers may also oversee a number of volunteer employment resource centers. Volunteer centers are run by full-time or Church-service Missionaries who report to their assigned professional center manager.

Managers of Field Operations

Managers of Field Operations are employees of Employment Resource Services (ERS), which is apartner in the Deseret Industries division of the Church’s Welfare Services Department. These managers, located at Church headquarters, consult with area welfare managers and employmentresource center managers about standard services and global best practices and provide training on Church-developed tools and processes.