Account Representative Program

13.1 Introduction

Employment Resource Services has partnered with Deseret Industries to offer an Account Representative Program. This is also sometimes referred to as the Deseret Industries Executive Placement Program.


13.2 Downloadable Process and New Hire Packet

The official Account Representative Process must be downloaded and followed. You can download it by clicking here:

Account Representative Process

New Hire Packet (large file – takes a while to download)

13.3 Primary Goal

The primary purpose of the Account Representative Program is for the account representative to obtain gainful employment. The system-wide goal for Employment Resource Services is to have 80% of all account representatives placed within 120 days of their hire date.

13.4 Secondary Goals

There are multiple secondary goals of the Account Representative Program. These include:

  • Enter 20 job postings each week into;
  • Enter 5 new companies each week into;
  • Make relationship-strengthening contacts with 5 existing companies each week;
  • Develop at least 2 job leads for Deseret Industries Associates each week (when in close proximity with a Deseret Industries or working closely with a development specialist);
  • Be aware of potential job sites that can be shared with development specialists to generate business partnerships (when in close proximity with a Deseret Industries or working closely with a development specialist).

13.5 Terms of Employment

The maximum term of employment for an account representative is 4 months.


13.6 Non-exempt Status and Pay Rate

The Account Representative position is non-exempt and the pay rate is $12/hour.

13.7 Maximum Allowable Weekly Hours Worked

The Account Representative position is limited to a maximum of 20 working hours each week.

13.8 Temple Worthiness Requirement

Account representatives must be Temple worthy. This requirement should be explained to the potential account representative prior to extending a job offer. On the first day of employment – as part of the on-boarding process – the ERC Manager (or Associate Manager) must verify Temple worthiness by viewing the Account Representative’s Temple recommend or by contacting their Bishop.

Please contact your Manager of Field Operations or Human Resources Representative with any questions or concerns.

13.9 Recording a Placement

A placement for an account representative should be recorded up to 3 months after the employee’s termination date. This means there is a maximum allowance of 7 months to record an account representative’s placement (4 months of maximum employment PLUS 3 months after employment has terminated).

After this 3 month grace period following the account representative’s termination the placement is no longer recorded as an Account Representative Placement.

There is no time limit on recording the Account Representative’s placement within