The LDSJobs Website

3.1 Introduction

The LDSJobs website is a tremendous tool for helping members find employment by sharing information and by connecting candidates and resources. The website is beneficial for:

  • Candidates.
  • Church leaders and ward and stake employment specialists.
  • Employers, schools, small business organizations, and other community resource providers.
  • ERC missionaries, volunteers, and paid staff.

3.2 LDSJobs and Candidates allows candidates to create profiles and helps them to decide on career goals and map out how they want to accomplish them. Candidates can greatly increase their potential to obtain jobs by searching job listings and researching companies and other organizations. The Job Seeker, Student,and Self-Employed tabs on the home page offer informational articles on topics such as preparing for interviews, paying for school, and developing a business plan.


3.3 LDSJobs, Church Leaders, and Specialists helps facilitate the work of ward and stake leaders and employment specialists. Leaders and employment specialists can use profiles to see what help a candidate currently needs and report information about a candidate in the progress notes. These notes help ERC staff and Church leaders and specialists unify their efforts in helping also allows stake members to post jobs, referrals, or leads.

The Stakes & Wards tab on the home page provides information about how to help as an employment specialist and how to identify resources within the ward. Also, see section 6.6, “Tips and Tools on”


3.4 LDSJobs and Resources

LDSJobs is valuable for employers, schools, small business organizations, and other community resource providers. Employers, schools, and small business organizations can create profiles on LDSJobs to describe their company or service (ERC staff will create profiles for other community resources). Employers can use the site to post job listings and search for applicants.

Employers, schools, and other organizations can also access information on topics such as offering internships and how to attract students on the Employers, Schools, and Small Business Organizations tabs on the site.

See section 4, “Resource Development,” for how to help these organizations use the website.

To provide an excellent customer experience, staff members contact all new organizations that register to use LDSJobs (specifically, editors for businesses, education resources, and self-employment resources). Not all resources are included on LDSJobs; see below for a list of excluded resources.

Excluded Resources

The following resources are currently excluded from being published on LDSJobs:

  • Businesses or franchises for sale
  • Multi-level marketing, direct sales, or network marketing opportunities
  • Commission-only positions that do not offer medical benefits
  • Positions or opportunities where the employer collects money requisite to hire.


3.5 LDSJobs and ERC Staff facilitates communication between ERC staff, candidates, resources, Church leaders, and employment specialists.

Staff members can use LDSJobs to further their resource development efforts (see section 4, “Resource Development”). Profiles are used to develop relationships to help ERC staff and candidates find job leads and company contacts.

In addition, LDSJobs tracks performance measures using the Church Reporting Application (CRA).Candidate information and progress recorded using the notes in the system helps to unite the efforts of ERC staff, Church leaders, and employment specialists.

See the LDSJobs Help Topic site for answers to commonly asked questions related to the site. This page is accessed by clicking on the “Contact Support” link at the bottom of the LDSJobs website page.

3.6 LDSJobs Training, Customer Support, Feedback, and Frequently Asked Questions

Training Missionaries, Staff, and Volunteers on LDSJobs

Employment center managers and associate managers have the responsibility to train all missionaries, staff, and volunteers on the proper use and functionality of Many phone calls to the Global Service Center can be alleviated – and unnecessary support costs can be avoided – if managers and associate managers take the time up front to train staff on routine website tasks, such as those relating to LDS Account issues.

Customer Support

Customer support for LDSJobs is handled through the Global Service Center by calling (855) 537-4357, or by filling out the form after clicking on the “Contact Support” link at the bottom of the LDSJobs web page, and the clicking on the “Contact Support” button.


Users of LDSJobs can submit feedback through the “Feedback” link located at the bottom of the web page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to FAQs relating to the LDSJobs website are found after clicking on the “Contact Support” link at the bottom of the LDSJobs web page.