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LDS Family Services website listing

LDS Family Services has a website used primarily by LDS Family Services staff working with single expectant parents who are searching for the right family to adopt their child. Additionally, prospective adoptive parents can also refer whoever they would like to their listing on this site. The LDS Family Services website is managed by

To contact, email or call 1-800-326-4596.

Getting Started

  • Free Consultation—LDS Family Services staff members are available to assist prospective adoptive parents in finding answers to their questions about adoption. This consultation service is provided free of charge to Church members.
  • Learn about Adoption—To learn more about adoption and to understand your options, please review the information about Adoption on
  • Create a Profile—If you are ready to move forward, you can begin by creating your profile on As you make your profile, you will be asked for your bishop's name and contact information. Once your bishop has confirmed that you meet the eligibility criteria, your free profile will be made available on

Eligibility Criteria for an Profile

In order to include your profile on as a prospective adoptive couple, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently live in the United States of America.
  • Have an endorsement from your bishop.
  • Be sealed to your current spouse in the temple.
  • Maintain current temple recommends.
  • Have a current adoption home study.

Once you meet the screening criteria, you will be able to publish your profile on at no cost.