Single Expectant Parent Services

Going through an unplanned pregnancy while single can leave you facing difficult decisions and managing complicated emotions. You may be deciding between becoming a single parent, getting married, or placing your child with adoptive parents. In some rare circumstances, you may also be considering an abortion. This decision is yours to make, but as a child of Heavenly Parents, you can receive help and guidance as you pray about this choice.

You might consider talking with family members, trusted friends, your bishop, and others you trust. These people love you and want to ensure your well-being as well as that of the child you are carrying. If repentance is needed, the bishop can you in that process of finding joy and healing.

It may be helpful to consult with a professional counselor from Family Services. A counselor can provide information and counseling, free of charge, regarding premarital issues, adoption, or single parenting. With your permission, Family Services staff members can also work closely with your ecclesiastical leaders. Find a Family Services office near you here

If you decide to place a child up for adoption, Family Services may be able to help in identifying reputable, licensed adoption services. Additionally, if you decide to marry or to parent your child as a single parent, Family Services may be able to provide counseling to help you prepare for these transitions.

For Leaders

If you are a leader seeking to help a single expectant parent, visit “Counseling Resources: Single Expectant Parents”  for guidance. As you seek to help, reach out in love to comfort, encourage, and care for the single expectant parent.