Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Family Services provide for prospective adoptive couples?

Family Services offers free consultation for prospective adoptive couples regarding adoption resources in your area. If prospective adoptive couples meet eligibility criteria, they will have the option to publish a profile on a Family Services website (maintained by

How much does it cost to adopt?

The overall cost of adoption varies. There are many options for couples to consider; each has a different cost.

Should prospective adoptive couples identify the community resource they wish to use before being selected by single expectant parents planning to place their child for adoption?

While it is not a requirement, it is generally recommended that prospective adoptive couples decide which community resource they would like to use first.

Family Services is available for consultation if prospective adoptive couples would like assistance in identifying resources.

Will prospective adoptive couples living outside of the United States have access to the same services as couples living within the United States?

These services are limited to those in the United States of America. However, Family Services may be able to provide limited consultation to prospective adoptive couples living outside of the U.S. depending on where they live.

Contact your local ecclesiastical leader for additional information.

What services does Family Services provide for single expectant parents?

Family Services provides the following services for single expectant parents:

  • Free professional counseling to all single expectant parents.
  • Help for single expectant parents who are looking for an adoptive couple. Single expectant parents will have access to the Family Services site.

These services are provided regardless of the single expectant parents' decision to place their child for adoption, marry, or single parent.