Single Expectant Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does LDS Family Services provide for single expectant parents?

LDS Family Services provides the following services for single expectant parents:

  • Free professional counseling to all single expectant parents who are referred by, or willing to work with, their bishops. LDS Family Services provides these services regardless of the single expectant parents' decision to marry, place the child for adoption, or raise the child as a single parent.

  • Help for parents who are looking for an adoptive couple. Birth parents will have access to the matching site. 

  • Help for parents who place a child for adoption, to make their adoptions as successful as possible.

What services does LDS Family Services provide for prospective adoptive couples?

We continue to provide counseling services for prospective adoptive parents, upon request. LDS Family Services will continue to offer free consultation for prospective adoptive couples about adoption issues. Prospective adoptive couples will have the option to publish a profile on if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Will single expectant parents be able to find Latter-day Saint couples if they choose to place a child for adoption?

When appropriate, LDS Family Services will refer the parent to to assist in the process of finding an adoptive couple.

Will single expectant parents receive support with medical and financial needs?

There are many sources of support that can be provided to single expectant parents. Ideally single expectant parents will receive support from family, friends, their bishops and ward members. If single expectant parents are in need of financial assistance, they will be referred to their bishops and community resources for assistance.

Who is eligible to receive services from LDS Family Services?

Services are available to all single expectant parents. However, single expectant parents must be referred by a bishop and must agree that LDS Family Services can consult with their bishop during the process.