Free, Reliable, and Personal Legal Advice

Legal clinics provide immigrants with trustworthy legal assistance. At the clinics, immigrants participate in brief, one-on-one consultations to receive free legal counsel on issues related to immigration and family law.

The clinics help individuals know what steps to take next and who to contact if they need other legal services.

Legal clinics are staffed by volunteer law students and practicing attorneys. Law students conduct interviews to gather information about each person’s legal questions or concerns. Professional attorneys who specialize in immigration or family law then provide the legal counsel.

The clinics operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Legal services are available in English and Spanish. Translation services for other languages are available on request.

Note: Attorneys do not form attorney-client relationships, represent clients in court, or file paperwork.

Program Highlights

A woman who was born in Guatemala and living in Salt Lake City was troubled by some legal questions about immigration and her family. Despite working hard, she had little money and could not afford a consultation with an attorney. When she learned about the free legal clinic for immigrants, she decided to attend.

“They really helped me and my brother with our immigration questions,” she said after talking with law school students and an attorney. She felt that a heavy burden had been lifted, and she left the clinic knowing how to help her family.

JoLynn Spruance, who directs the Pro Bono Initiative at the University of Utah, explained that the clinics are a “win-win situation” for both the immigrants and the law student volunteers.

She said: “Our goal is to provide our students with hands-on legal training while helping out the poor and the underserved in our community. The students feel they are helping someone in need while honing their legal skills.”

One of the volunteer law students, Travis Walker, said he enjoys using the legal skills he learns in school to help the people who come to the clinic.

“This is the most practical experience I will have in law school,” he added.

For the full article, read “A Win-Win Situation: Church Partners with Law School to Serve Those in Need,” Church News, Mar. 16, 2016.