Who We Are

Immigrant Services is a program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (hereafter “the Church”) that provides free public services. We help people who have immigrated to the United States find the support and resources they need to succeed in their communities. 

In partnership with local agencies and organizations, we offer four services:

  • Legal clinics

  • Welcome centers

  • Cultural adaptation classes

  • Immigration workshops

Each service is designed to help individuals and families integrate into society, overcome challenges, and progress toward self-reliance. We provide these services to anyone with immigration questions or concerns, regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

Immigrant Services has experienced rapid growth since it began in 2015. Our programs continue to expand in response to community needs. An average of 800 people benefit from these services each month. 

Why We Serve

Our priority is to love and care for one another as Jesus Christ taught. Immigrants are some of the most vulnerable and underserved members of our communities, and they often need customized attention and assistance.

Communication barriers and cultural differences can make it difficult to integrate into local communities. Many immigrants could benefit from community resources. However, the cost of the programs, the distance from resources, and the distrust between them and people they don’t know can make it difficult to receive that support. Helping immigrants overcome barriers and find solutions to their problems is one way we serve our brothers and sisters. 

Our services help with many of the following needs and challenges that immigrants have:

  • Obtaining legal assistance and documentation

  • Learning English

  • Raising children and helping them succeed in school

  • Understanding and accessing transportation

  • Finding accurate and credible information

    • Taxes

    • Insurance

    • Educational opportunities

    • Medical services

    • Affordable housing

  • Transition into a new culture

    • Communication

    • Lifestyle

    • Food