Mentor Training Videos

Mentor Training Overview



Welcome to this great opportunity of mentoring. As a mentor, you have many resources available to help you and the associate you're helping become successful. As you partner with ward leaders and the development counseling services team, you will learn how to provide additional support and encouragement to individuals seeking improved employment opportunities.

Meet Cory Hanks: Success Story


Cory Hanks is an example of how mentors can make a difference. 

Working with the Development Counselor



In your work as a mentor, you will connect with a development counselor. The development counselor will help you understand how to help the job seeker reach his or her goals.

Working with the Ward



Members of your own ward and stake have many resources available to assist you as you mentor individuals working to overcome their barriers to employment.

Working with a Job Seeker



As you work one-on-one with a job seeker, you will have many opportunities to successfully mentor a job seeker toward their goals. Mentors succeed when relationships are based on love and respect and when they are willing to be the cheerleaders and advocates for those they serve.